Transform Your Fear into the Courage to Act

Use fear as a powerful motivational tool that pushes you to your limit to succeed.

In ancient Sparta, leaders discovered something interesting about their warriors: they found that those who acted without fear in daily life – those that openly questioned authority or took risks – were often the least courageous during wartime.

Instead, it was the meek who feared Spartan law the most that were bravest during battle, as they held the greatest fear of the consequences that would follow if they did not.

Fearlessness, in other words, did not breed courage. Quite the opposite: fear was found to be a great motivator to act courageously.

Don’t think of fear as something that limits you: it can also be a powerful motivational tool that takes you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to your limit.

Fearing a difficult person or situation limits what you can do. What will you think of yourself if you don’t confront these challenges when given the opportunity?

The following ritual can help reenforce this principle and instill a mindset that will help you approach life’s challenges with courage and confidence.

The key is practicing this ritual of reframing fear regularly, so that you will build the resilience and confidence to develop a habit that can be utilized when needed most.

It is important that when practicing the methods in the rituals to always prepare and warm up correctly as guided in the practice videos.

Ritual Practice

As you breathe, close your eyes and visualize an upcoming challenge that you may normally be afraid or anxiety about approaching.

It could be apprehension about starting something new, going into your own business, self- doubt when asking someone out, or hesitation before deciding to go to the gym.

With your upcoming challenge in mind, remember that fear can be transformed into courage during the struggle and see in your mind how you can change to do this.

Instead of placing fear on something external — the fear of failure or rejection — transform it by internalizing it. Instead, fear what will happen if you don’t trust your instincts and do what you know you should.

Don’t fear failing, instead, fear living with yourself having never given yourself the
chance to succeed. Picture the version of yourself that doesn’t take the chance or make that leap.

And transform it into seeing the version of yourself that does tackle the challenge ahead. They look different: you are being more confident, optimistic, and self-assured.

The circumstances have remained the same. It’s only your actions that have changed, transforming an external fear into internal courage. Where fear exists, so does courage. Whenever you feel fear, you also have an opportunity to display courage.

Having transitioned the fear from an external element to internal motivation, imagine it as a fire inside of you that fuels the courage you will wield when you confront an upcoming challenge.

Visualize this transition as a fire inside and anchor within you, make a fist with your right hand and tap your left shoulder, as the Spartan warriors did in tapping a sword to a shield.

By tapping your shoulder, you are anchoring and reminding yourself to acknowledge and work with fear to motivate yourself to act with courage.

Ritual Benefits

As you breath out and slowly open your eyes, you realize that you can now transform fear into courage, and you can use this relationship when needed. The greater your fear, the more intense your courage.

Using fear to draw out your inner courage, can help you approach life’s difficulties and achieve changes that might at first seem insurmountable.

By acknowledging your fears and working with them, instead of ignoring and avoiding them, you are building your inner confidence and easing anxiety about any future challenges.

And the next time you feel overcome with fear in the face of a any challenge or obstacle, transform the fear by asking yourself what can I do with it.

Don’t let fear prevent you from achieving your goals. Instead, work with fear and use it as motivation to act with courage.

Remember to practice this ritual regularly, and you will be able to draw upon the courage when it is most needed and let it grow into long-term courage to face the future.

Start Improving Your Courage Now.

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