Unleash your

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The ultimate guide to overcoming self-doubt and embracing your true potential.



 Increased self-confidence: By learning how to face and overcome fears, you will develop greater self-assurance.

 Improved decision-making: This book will help you make more confident and assertive decisions.

 Enhanced resilience: The strategies outlined in this book will help you build resilience and bounce back from setbacks.

 Greater personal growth: By challenging yourself and going outside of your comfort zone, you will experience significant personal growth.

 Greater success: By taking courageous action, you will be able to achieve your goals and experience greater success in all areas of life.

 Enhanced relationships: With increased self-assurance and improved communication skills, you will improve your relationships with others.

Content included in this book:

◾ Remind Yourself to Pause, Breathe, and Respond

◾ Control Your Breathing to Calm Your Nerves

◾ Practice Mindful Meditation to Clear Your Head

◾ Detach from Emotion to Tap Into Your Inner Warrior

◾ Take a Walk of Appreciation to Aid Your Focus

◾ Self-visualize to decide on the right course of action

◾ Summon the Strength of your Ancestors to Deal with Modern Challenges

◾ Tell Yourself ‘Courage is a Moment’ to Act with Confidence

◾ Transform Your Fear into the Courage to Act

◾ Find your Zen Calm at the Center of a Storm

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“I’m training for a half marathon and will use this anytime I’m afraid of not being able to run my best. I’ll imagine myself crossing the finish line then step into that version of myself before beginning the race.”

Gretchen S.

“In this I learned how to calm my body down and reduce distraction as well as calm anxiety. This is helpful in times of anxiety and just to start my day peacefully.”

Taylor W.



We are a group of international coaches, martial artists and authors with experience in helping people find their inner courage.

After years of being instructors, we knew that we were not training the body, but the mind. We saw how our low self-esteem clients left our courses with self-confidence.

Ancient techniques on how the mind works have not changed. Your mind and bodies reactions to pressure are the same as they have been for thousands of years.

- The MaArtial Team


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