Tell Yourself ‘Courage is a Moment’ to Act with Confidence

Seize courage in a moment to overcome fears so they become irrelevant.

Honor and respect were an important part of the code of a samurai in Japan. In combat the slightest hesitation could provide a swordsman the opportunity they need to overcome their opponent.

The reverse was also true: if a samurai could recognize their own fear and react with courage instead of hesitation, they could prevent defeat.

These days courage is often thought about as a long-term trait or characteristic built up over time and can only be used by those who are seen as brave.

But courage can also be thought of as an instantaneous action, something that occurs within the snap of the fingers. And it can be utilized by anyone able to take advantage of just a brief moment in time.

Thinking about courage as a singular moment in time will help you disconnect from the perceived fears that can induce hesitation. As long as you can seize that brief moment of courage, the surrounding fears or concerns become irrelevant.

The following ritual can help you reframe courage from something you feel is lacking into an action that can easily be performed.

Remember, just a moment’s courage, and it is done.

The key is practicing this courage ritual regularly, so that you will build confidence and develop a habit that can be utilized when needed most. It is important that when practicing the methods in the rituals to always prepare and warm up correctly as guided in the practice videos.

Ritual Practice

Close your eyes, and repeat to yourself the following mantra three times:

“Courage is a moment!”
“Courage is a moment!”
“Courage is a moment!”

Imagine yourself being able to act when needed, being able to respond without hesitation, and solve a problem in an instant.

Picture courage as an instantaneous action that occurs within the snap of your fingers, rather than something that needs to be slowly built up over time.

Now, snap your fingers. Decide and act at the same time.

In this instant, the decision to act with courage has been made. And you have already taken the action to carry through that decision, regardless of consequences.

Repeat the mantra: “Courage is a moment!”

A mantra is a word or short phrase spoken aloud to aid in concentration. By repeating a mantra, you are helping it sink into your subconscious.

Say it again: “Courage is a moment!”

Visualize tackling an upcoming task or challenge, such as asking someone out on a date, and the natural fears or anxiety that might come along with it. And realize that you only need to perform a single action to confront the challenge. Just take that first step with courage, and it is done.

Now, snap your fingers again and repeat the mantra one last time:

“Courage is a moment!”

Ritual Benefits

As you breath out and slowly open your eyes, you realize that you can now tap into the courage needed to act regardless of any fear, doubts, or concerns. Courage is but a single moment, that decisive first step towards achieving your goal.

Feel the increased confidence and know that you can overcome any stressful situation by tapping into your inner courage for just a brief moment in time. Especially when responding to sudden changes or tackling seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

When you introduce yourself to strangers at a social gathering, know it takes just a moment of courage to initiate the conversation. If you are procrastinating over something that seems a, tell yourself that just a moment of courage is all that is needed to take that first step that will set you on the path to your goal.

Remember to practice this ritual regularly, and you will be able to draw upon the courage when it is most needed and let it grow into long-term courage to face the future.

Start Improving Your Courage Now.

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