What’s the “State” of weight loss? And how can we effectively use it?

There are thousands of ways to reduce weight, or slim down. For the beginner, this can be overwhelming — but strategy alone is not enough!

No mere strategy can completely change your identity or life story, no matter how seemingly effective: our narrative and outlook are just as, if not more, important.

Robbins-Madanes training – the school for Tony Robbins coaches – stresses the breakthrough importance of aligning three critical factors: STRATEGY, STORY AND STATE, with the latter being the most valuable.

At MaArtial, we define them as follows:

Strategy is the modeling of a credible source; following someone who has succeeded in the area we wish to improve. A good strategy saves time, effort, and willpower in an attempt to efficiently reach our desired goals. A good martial art strategy and mentor will, for instance, aid our specific goals.

Weight loss strategies are endless, and can include: pilates, yoga, jogging, gym workouts, diets, sports, martial arts, athletics, etc.

Story is the reduction of all our limiting beliefs, which could hinder us on our path to our goals. For example, an overweight person could have the limiting belief that they are big-boned, thus restricting their progress because the weight loss programme might feel in vain, worthless.

State is defined as the mental attitudes we have moment by moment in our daily life. Are we upbeat, positive, and optimistic with a warrior spirit awakened within?

How is our physiology, body language and posture? Minute-by-minute we need to be in a resourceful state of mind, with the powerful zen feeling of:

You already are everything you want to become!

Throughout the weight loss process, having the right attitude within the moment, at every step of the way, is the key factor to success.


Feel the power and pride of the objective BEFORE training: visualise the final achieved goal.

Then train and cultivate it moment by moment, day by day. The harvest will take care of itself.

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