Timeless Inspiration: Zen Simplicity

Have you ever wanted to or needed to simplify your life?

Have you felt that everything seems so complex, and knew that there must be an easier way, there must be a simpler path. If so, this technique could be for you.

In ancient zen stories, there is always the principle of “one.” Not many things, but only one thing.

This can be interpreted in many ways, but one of the greatest modern ways is to have zen in everyday life with your goals with your aims or objectives.

The simplest way to do this is to ask yourself:

“What do i want?”

“What do i need?”

“What must i have with no debate?”

There are usually three separate things:

I want a big house, I want more confidence.

I need to keep my job.

I must have food every day, water every few hours, or a roof over my head.

And very often we get tired with the complexity of things. Our everyday lives as parents, workers, employers, employees.

And very often what we want what we need and what we absolutely must have are vastly different.

According to zen, there is only one thing. So that one thing everybody must decide for themselves.

The one thing should be what you must have, what you need, and what you want. It should be one and the same thing,  number, or, goal.

One thing for three separate categories makes life much simpler. And very zen.

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