Timeless Inspiration: the God of Abundance

Have you ever felt that you lacked abundance in your life?

That you lacked love, wealth, spirituality, friendship, or courage? If so, the following meditation technique could be for you.

Today, people are often talking about the law of attraction, and increasing abundance in everyday life by focusing on your ultimate goals and desires.

In ancient Japan, there was a meditation technique based on the principle of increasing your abundance by altering your perspective.

Let’s take a trip to an ancient Japanese temple to see what they were meditating on.

First, close your eyes and imagine walking towards a door far in the distance. And as you go forward, the door slowly starts to open in front of you, and the closer you get, the wider it opens.

And as you walk through into the doorway you see a beautiful zen garden in front of a Japanese temple.

A large gate opens in front of you. There are birds singing, it’s a beautiful spring day and you feel welcome in this space.

And you walk inside the temple, and come into dark candlelit room.

And at the back of the room there is a type of god that’s meditating. It’s a like Buddha-like god, it’s smiling, and it congratulates you for coming inside.

And it’s a radiant being, it’s full of life, full of warmth and of light. And you feel overwhelmed with the light emanating from this being as it opens its eyes and smiles and hands you something.

It could be a small box, or a key, or something else, but you take this thing and put it in both of your hands and close your hands around it.

You then bring your hands to your heart, and feel this state of absolute appreciation, of knowledge and gratitude.

And you respectfully walk out of the temple, and you feel this warmth and gratitude and you have this feeling that you will experience abundance.

It will show up in a mysterious way in the next day the next week or the next months, something will show up symbolizing great abundance.

“If you appreciate what you have, it opens a door to happiness.”
-Ken Honda

This beautiful meditation technique comes from Ken Honda, author of Happy Money.

In our life we need to appreciate mysterious things, signs that abundance could be on the way, or remain in a state ready to receive.

The ancients knew and appreciated this secret in their temples.

“Appreciation, not expectation.”

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