Timeless Inspiration: Let the Future Catch Up to You

Have you ever rushed too fast into the future?

Have you ever been stressed by what’s going to happen in the future?

“Go there, do that,” go there seems to be running through your brain.

You keep planning for tomorrow, never enjoying today, and just hoping to achieve your goals in the future. You are very driven, you are very motivated, but totally stressed out.

If so, this ancient principle could be for you.

In tai chi, for example, the notion of going there, getting somewhere, going there too fast must always be tempered with coming back to the here and now.

In a sense, you can do it physically by putting your hands into the future in front of you whenever you are planning something.

“Go there, go there.” Extend your hands in front of you.

Moving your hands in front of you and then bring them back to your heart and your chest just to say “I am here now.”

In a sense, you are letting the future catch up with you.

Letting the future catch up with you is a very enigmatic ancient way of thinking.

So the next time that you are feeling rushed, planning heavy to-do list, think about the ancient principle and try to remind yourself of the present.

“Go there, go there, go there…”

And then bring it back to the here and now and let the future catch up with you.

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