How to defend yourself up against a wall

In real-world fight situations, there’s a chance that you will end up having to defend yourself when slammed up against a wall. If you haven’t trained for this, it can be an intimidating and ugly experience.

Below, we detail a variety of such situations and how best to handle them.


Smacked up against the wall, attacker sticks thumbs in your eyes

Once the thumbs go up to the eyes, your whole mind and body will tell you to put your hands up to grab the attacker’s hands. This is what makes it an effective attack as the assailant will now have some opportunities.

You have to make this instinctive response effective. Quickly push the attacker’s hands inwards to break the grip on your eyes, push them into their body to trap them, move your body and head to defend yourself, and enable some quick retribution.

Hand on throat, smashed up to the wall

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Here you have to be careful that the back of your head doesn’t get smashed into the wall, minimize the impact of the choke, and defend your head and groin very quickly.

Attacker tucks in his head, punches, grabs, etc.

This is tough: tight to the wall with an aggressive guy pinning you there, knocking you about and/or trying to take you down. A few options shown here: basically, defend your head and try and get control of the other guy’s head or body as quickly as possible. This is messy stuff, as is most real violence. Nothing fancy here.

Arm twisted behind back, face smacked into wall

Here, you have to position yourself so you can still move your feet and hips. Make sure the top of your forehead is put against the wall, stick your butt into the guy, and use (in this case) your right knee to create a bit of space and stabilize yourself. If it’s a left-arm-twist, then move as shown to your left; if the right arm is being twisted, then move to your right.

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At MaArtial, we stress the need for practical techniques in our search for self-protection.

The information here is useful for this specific, frightening scenario.

It may need to be trained, beforehand and may not be suitable for beginners, but uses practical techniques derived from martial arts self-defense.

Photo: Profimedia.CZ

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