Do pressure points really work? Can they be applied in martial arts?

The topic of pressure points in martial arts is a contentious one.

While part of traditional Chinese medicine, many martial artists are skeptical of pressure points. Most reality-based instructors prefer to ignore them entirely. Instead, they focus on improving the striking and grappling skills needed for self-protection.

Yet, acupuncture, acupressure, and other forms of traditional Chinese medicine have a great deal of followers. They also have many of applications in daily life.

Indeed, even complete open-heart surgery has been documented as successfully completed using acupuncture as an anesthetic.

Using pressure points in martial arts

At MaArtial, we believe in regular training in your chosen art and being open to any additional wisdom which may come your way. As far as pressure points are concerned, we advise going directly to the top of the tree to Dragon Society International, a world leader in the application of science to the martial arts.

Dragon Society International believes that traditional Chinese medicine contains two cycles. A cycle of healing and the cycle of destruction.

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Pressure points are only one of about 100 technique enhancers, which they call “players to the game.” These points could never be activated through pressing or pushing alone. Skeptics would naturally agree with this.

However, in conjunction with the other “players,” pressure points are a superb technique enhancer. They can make a large difference in any given technique.

For instance, in a self-defense scenario, attempting to use pressure points alone would not be an effective strategy. However, the application of this knowledge in coordination with other techniques could be an effective form of defense.

Additionally, the Dragon Society always remind us that:

“Pure knowledge is not real power. It is the application of knowledge that is the power.”


Only contact or research experts in the field of pressure points. Recommended names include:

Tom Muncy, Rick Moneymaker, Russell Stutely, Steven Burton, Peter Holmes.

These are credible experts, who could aid in the practical application of pressure points within Martial Arts strategy.

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For more information about pressure points, please consult the official website of Dragon Society International.

Illustration: Darina Achremenková

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