Practice Mindful Meditation to Clear Your Head

Learn to act with ‘no-mind’ without thinking and find courage without looking for it.

While most people imagine meditation occurring in a peaceful meadow or atop of a mountain, samurai in ancient Japan would practice meditation in the midst of combat.

Instead, samurai sought to achieve a state of emptiness, where distraction from the conscious mind was eliminated, and they could act without thinking about acting.

Their sword was ready to swing guided by their subconscious, without anything getting in the way. The meditation once practiced by the samurai is known as Mushin, which translates as “no mind”. Mushin is still used to help overcome distractions in order to do what you need to do.

When you face a demanding task or challenge, it is natural to feel fear, apprehension, or stress. But when the mind gets ‘stuck’ on these emotions, they can become overwhelming and prevent you from achieving your goals.

If you can remove these negative emotions and achieve a state of “no mind”, however, you can achieve your goals without even thinking.

Mushin can help you do what you need to without even thinking and find courage without looking for it.

The key is practicing this meditation ritual regularly, so that you will build confidence and develop a habit that can be utilized when needed most. It is important that when practicing the methods in the rituals to always prepare and warm up correctly as guided in the practice videos.

Ritual Practice

As you breathe, release all tension from your body. Keep your eyes open and maintain a steady gaze but try not to focus on your vision. Instead, keep your focus on your breath.

Inhale slowly and keep focus on your breath as it flows through your body and into your lungs. Exhale slowly keeping your focus on your breath and how it flows. Mentally, count “1”.

Take another deep breath, and as you exhale, mentally count to “2.” 

You aim is to reach a count of “7”. Whenever you notice a stray thought or emotion entering your mind, however small it might be, you must restart the process over again from “1”.

The goal is to achieve an “in-distractable” mind that is free from external thought over the course of 20 to 30 seconds.

See how clear your mind is in the next seven breaths.

  • One…
  • Two…
  • Three…
  • Four…
  • Five…
  • Six…
  • Seven…

Did any stray thoughts enter your mind? Whether it is external distractions, distant sounds, or existing concerns? 

Try again from “1” and see if you can reach “7” without your mind wandering. 

When you can count to “7” without distraction, you are ready to take on your next challenge in the right state of mind.

Ritual Benefits

After practicing this ritual, you should feel a sense of clarity and relaxation. You will now be able to clear your mind from fear or distraction in order to do what is needed.

By counting your breath and restarting if your mind wanders, you are practicing a form of mindful meditation that encourages a state of Mushin. With a count of seven full breaths without intrusive thought, you have achieved a state of “no mind”.

If you are feeling overwhelmed before or during a test, turn your focus to your breathing for just a moment to expel distractions, find your state of “no mind”, and carry on with the task at hand.

Remember to not overthink it. If you’re nervous ahead of something important, try to reach your state of “no mind” to take away distractions as this will ensure that you are fully focused, being “in the zone” and acting with confidence at your highest level.

Remember to practice this ritual regularly, and you will be able to enter into a state of “no mind” and allow your instinct to guide you so that you will act with complete courage without even knowing it.

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