MaArtial Podcast: Be a Warrior, Not a Hero with Maxim Marakov

In this episode of the MaArtial Podcast, we speak with Maxim Marakov, a property developer and accomplished martial artist with more than 35 years of experience in studying karate, judo, aikido, and historical fencing.

Maxim tells us what it’s like to be a warrior in the modern world, and the lessons he has learned from his extensive experience with martial arts.

He also speaks about his definition of what a warrior is, and how it may differ from popular concepts.

“I would take a different word, let’s say Japan’s samurais, put it in these terms because it was a little bit special and by special I mean traditional for Japan. But if you take the ‘way of warrior’ it could include a lot of things,” he says.

“Patience, yes, you should be cold-minded, quiet, you should pray to understand your place. Self-estimation, you should understand where you’re going, what is the right way. You should try to educate yourself right.”

For Maxim, patience is one of the key distinctions of a modern warrior.

“Patience i think is maybe the most difficult point, and I try to learn in this area more and more,” he tells us.

“Especially when I am a father, the tolerance and the patience you must have even when children are misbehaving. And you say when they’re very young they just want attention, so almost everything they are doing to be naughty is that they want some type of attention.”

“When you understand that you can put yourself in their shoes and say you shouldn’t be so angry because they just want their way.”

Anger, for Maxim, is a contradiction in the way of the warrior.

“I would say that to be angry it’s actually contradictive point usually. It’s counterproductive because when you’re angry you can’t understand where you actually are, you can’t estimate your best actions.”

“And it’s very difficult to achieve your objective if you are not so cold-minded.”

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