MaArtial Podcast: Awaken Your Warrior with Paul Mracek

In this episode of the Awaken Your Inner Warrior with MaArtial podcast, business coach and martial arts master Paul Mracek takes us on a journey to discover the Jungian archetypes, and speaks about how accessing one’s inner warrior can be a vital component of personal growth and self-development.

Paul also talks about how archetype training and accessing the inner warrior helped him on his own personal journey, which allowed him to make a positive impact on the lives of many people as well as their businesses.

“The warrior archetype to me, rather than being person that goes out and wins fights, it’s more about taking action,” Paul tells us.

“Achieving the things that you’re looking to do, you set a goal for yourself and then ‘how do i achieve those goals’ and ‘how good do i feel about myself because I’m achieving those things that I think I want’.”

Check out the full interview below:

“You have to become the leader of yourself to be able to know where you are. If you continually follow everyone else and and value yourself and through other people’s eyes, you’re never going to be able to see what what you can actually achieve,” Paul adds.

“The first thing for people is to be able to be a leader of themselves and understand what their true purpose is, what they’re here for, what they are trying to do for it. And then the second thing is to make sure that they become the warrior, which means they they make a plan, then they actually implement the plan.”

“Many people we find just drop it all and say ‘it’s all too hard’ and then they give up, so you need to be persistent. As we say in the martial arts, you need to do a technique at least 10,000 times to be good at it, so does that mean for 9,999 times you’re a failure? And the answer is no, but you are you are continually improving as part of that process.”

Paul Mracek is an accomplished business coach at and the owner of the Nutaofit Martial Arts School.

He has successfully coached hundreds of business leaders and their employees, helping them become modern-day warriors, and he has helped thousands of people to improve their lives through martial arts training.

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