How to create the perfect mantra to find inner courage

We often face difficult situations where a quick boost of courage can help push us through. But is it really possible instantly find resolve in our selves?

Like anchoring, a mantra can be a great way of recalling and reenforcing a positive emotional state. Instead of a physical action, a mantra uses a verbalized cue to help bring ourselves into the right state of mind.

A mantra that can help us derive courage can be based on our own memories of times in our life when we displayed courage. Your mantra can be specific to you, but should be brief for practical proposes to quickly recall your inner warrior when needed.

In fact, we recommended a mantra consisting of just one word for maximum efficiency.

You can start by saying the word “courage” aloud, and telling yourself that courage means deciding the right thing to do in a situation, and then acting on that decision.

Repeat this to yourself a number of times, until you instinctively make the connection between saying “courage” and feeling courage. Then develop your own personal mantra for courage.

Steps to create your own mantra:

  1. Write down five times you displayed courage or bravery.
  2. Pick one of those times. Write down the specifics of the situation, including the emotions you felt at the time.
  3. Pick just one word from what you have written to represent courage.
  4. Say the word aloud to yourself. When you say it, remember the story you drew it from, and the other stories you wrote down.
  5. Practice repeating the word to yourself. At first, make sure you run through the stories as you say the word. With practice, just saying the word will recall a specific moment from your memory and give you an instant boost of courage.

The word you choose can be anything, but must be specific to you and relate to a feeling of personal pride.

For example, a former athlete might recite the name of their sports team that’s connected to a positive memory; an actor or actress might recite the name of a role or a film.

Find the right word that you can associate with positive memories of being brave and pushing through, and recite this word when needed to get that instant boost of courage to move forward.

Like anchoring and breathing techniques, it might be just what you need to get over the mountain.


At MaArtial, we believe that the use of a mantra can help cement a particular mindset and get rid of extraneous thoughts. One of the most well-known mantras in today’s world has been successfully used as a slogan by Nike: “Just do it.”

Like an anchor, your mantra should be specific to you. Use the technique described above to create your own mantra, and have fun experimenting with different versions to find the perfect mantra for you.

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Illustration: Darina Achremenková

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