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We lead lives full of prosperity, but face common issues including negative emotions, fear, and anger. If we don’t address these problems, we can feel weak, unbalanced, and fearful in everyday life. 

We understand that this is not the life you want.

At MaArtial, we believe everyone can find inner courage within themselves to face the surrounding world calmly and confidently, regardless of circumstances. 

We’ve leveraged ancient knowledge and enabled you to access reliable and easy-to-use techniques to respond to everyday challenges and stand up for yourself with a Samurai’s peace of mind. 

Try one of our techniques for free, experience its immediate benefits, and reach for more. Don’t settle for a life filled with fear. Instead, get access to our course, find your inner courage, and start living in harmony with yourself.

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Courage-building curriculum

1. Introduction

Discover the importance of courage throughout history, and how you can incorporate it into your daily life.

2. Control Your Breathing to Calm Your Nerves

Once you have mastered this time-tested breathing technique through daily practice, you can apply it whenever needed to combat stressful situations.

3. Detach from Emotion to Tap Into Your Inner Warrior

Learn a fast-acting technique that helps you separate yourself from emotion, and how to implement it when needed to settle your nerves and react appropriately.

4. Practice Mindful Meditation to Clear Your Head

Don’t rely on guided meditations to calm down: instead, learn this simple technique that you can easily master to meditate anytime, anywhere and reduce stress in chaotic environments.

5. Summon the Strength of your Ancestors to Deal with Modern Challenges

Discover how to draw upon the courage of your ancestors in order to make difficult long-term life decisions.

6. Tell Yourself ‘Courage is a Moment’ to Act with Confidence

Learn how to implement a fast-working mantra in order to quickly refocus and access your inner courage when most needed.

7. Transform Your Fear into the Courage to Act

Discover how how to work with fear and use it to your advantage as a motivational technique that dates back to ancient Sparta.

8. Course completion

After successfully learning the six rituals contained in this course, receive a certificate of completion to acknowledge your newfound abilities.

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