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We’ve created this course to teach you how to handle life’s challenges:


Feeling comfortable and collected around people you don’t know


Being 100% confident in yourself and what you have to say


Going outside of your comfort zone to get what you want


Worrying about what other people will think of you


Saying what you mean without the fear of being judged


Worrying about upcoming meetings and events 


Holding yourself back over worries that you aren’t good enough


Dealing with future uncertainty and the fear of failure

You can use them ON YOUR OWN, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE and act from a place of peace and confidence.


Calm down your emotions in stressful situations. 


Clear your mind from distractions and make the right decisions.


Find the strength to leave your comfort zone and act.


Change your reactions and improve your relationships. 


Create small habits to settle your nerves and act with confidence.


Process your daily progress with calm and peace of mind. 

What Our Learners Say

"I’m training for a half marathon and will use this anytime I’m afraid of not being able to run my best. I’ll imagine myself crossing the finish line then step into that version of myself before beginning the race."
Gretchen s.
"In this I learned how to calm my body down and reduce distraction as well as calm anxiety. This is helpful in times of anxiety and just to start my day peacefully."
Taylor W.

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There's more to life, and you know it

We lead lives full of prosperity, but face common human issues including negative emotions, fear, and anger. If we don’t address these problems, we can feel weak, unbalanced, and fearful in everyday life. 

We understand that this is not the life you want.

At MaArtial, we believe everyone can find inner courage within themselves to face the surrounding world calmly and confidently, regardless of circumstances. 

We’ve leveraged ancient knowledge and enabled you to access reliable and easy-to-use techniques to respond to everyday challenges and stand up for yourself with a Samurai’s peace of mind.

Try one of our techniques for free, experience its immediate benefits, and reach for more.

Don’t settle for a life filled with fear.

Instead, get access to our course, find your inner courage, and start living in harmony with yourself.

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