Combat anxiety with the confidence of a samurai

Few things are certain in life, as they always have been. But we can reduce stress and worry by adapting to change.

In light of the extreme levels of uncertainty that affect the modern world, it’s good to analyze just what we can do to feel more certain and secure.

Anxiety is often caused by fears of the future and the unknown. Covid and the recent invasion of Ukraine have both served to exacerbate this feeling.

One of the only true ways of increasing your sense of certainty and security is to somehow increase your own self-confidence.

Our mind tends to create chatter, which has often been called the “monkey mind.” The more information we absorb, the more our mind works to process everything.

The samurai of Japan used mushin meditation as a no-mind technique to switch off unnecessary inner commentary. This way of calming the mind’s turbulent waves has existed for thousands of years.

In the modern battlefield of life, stress and worries are often associated with a reliance or attachment to outcomes or physical, exterior objects.

For example, most people think security is connected to money, housing, family, or love. While we obviously highly value these resources, we would all do well to remember that a true, healthy self-confidence to handle almost anything life throws at us will greatly aid us in our daily life when worried about situations beyond our control.

How can we make the game of life winnable? One way is to begin any endeavor with high levels of mind and body certainty before taking massive action. This is an irresistible formula for obtaining massive results.

Applying for a job? Do so with total surety that you will get this job. Then apply with massive energy. Check results.

This is sometimes referred to as a “black-belt mind.” The only difference between a white belt and a black belt is that the black belt refused to stop, knowing that the goal would materialize after enough time and repetitions of good practice.

It all starts with a deep inner confidence that affirms that “we can handle anything if we think we can.”

In Zen, it is said that ” you already are everything you want to become.” This enhances our natural self-confidence that we all shared as babies.

When extremely uncertain situations appear, ground yourself, affirm you will take it as it comes, and breathe in natural self-confidence.

Zen Buddhism teaches “non-attachment”; never get too attached to an outcome, a person, or money. These things will pass. Instead, attach to your breathing and the natural world around you at any given moment. Appreciate oxygen or a nice cup of tea.

Confidence on Demand

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