Relax your body with this cooldown technique

For centuries, martial artists and many others have used meditation as a way of switching the mind from stress, anxiety, and daily tasks to calmness and reflection.

At MaArtial, we encourage the use of meditation to enhance all aspects of life.

There are as many different methods of meditation as there are individual practitioners. The following steps outline a very simple and common technique that is also popular with many martial artists.


Find the right space

First, choose a comfortable place to sit where you will be free from temperature and light fluctuations, and where you will not be disturbed.

Make sure you are physically comfortable: not hungry, not too cold or too hot, and not in any kind of pain that a sitting position will exacerbate. Relaxing music is often used with during the meditation process; it should be repetitive and soothing.

After your preparations are complete, settle into a chair. Sit upright with your back and head straight and hands palms down on each leg, feet slightly apart and flat on the floor. Alternatively, you can sit on the floor with your spine upright.

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Focus your gaze on a spot or small object on a far wall just above eye level. When your eyes water or become heavy just let your eyelids close naturally and note the comfort and stillness that this brings.


Focus on your breathing

Begin a focused breathing technique by taking three or more deep breaths, preferably keeping the mouth closed.Do not over-inflate the lungs so as to make yourself breathless, or shrug the shoulders.

Allow the breathing to come from your abdomen, as gently as possible to allow the breath to deepen naturally.

Take note of the flow of your breath through your nostrils. Observe and feel the flow of each breath.

Next, turn your focus to releasing tension from each part of the body, working from the toes upward.


Relax the body

Concentrate on all your toes, relax them, then the instep of the foot, relax, both ankles concentrate, relax. Calf muscles, lightly tense, and relax. Both knees, concentrate, relax. Thighs, concentrate, relax. The buttocks, concentrate, slightly twitch them and relax. Abdomen, slightly tense, then relax. Hips, slightly tense, then relax.

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As you reach the lungs, feel the movement of your breath through them and relax.

Feel the rhythm of your heart and visualize it never ceasing. Slightly twitch each shoulder and the breast muscles as well, then relax. Upper arms, relax, forearms, relax, all of the fingers and thumbs, feel them, make a slight movement and relax. Then go to the throat, feel it and relax, to the mouth, allow a gentle smile and relax your lips. Then the eyes, allow the eyelids to comfortably close, cheek muscles and ears, no tension, relax.


This meditation technique for beginners focuses on the physical process of meditation. Practice until you are able to go through the steps to relax the body without thinking about them.

Next, move on to our advanced meditation tips to delve into the spiritual aspects of meditation. You can find those steps here.

Photo: Conscious Design on Unsplash

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