At MaArtial, we believe that the timeless martial arts philosophies studied for centuries can be practically applied in current times to boost self-confidence, improve health, and find inner peace.

A Warrior is someone who fights for their own self-Mastery.

We believe that everyone has a Warrior Spirit, and through careful cultivation it can be used to improve your day-to-day life: make better decisions, increase energy levels, and even achieve personal harmony.

These benefits aren’t only achieved by seasoned practitioners. We provide selective study of timeless principles and techniques that can be applied to practical scenarios in your daily life.

Through our MaArtial methodology, these ancient teachings can instantly be applied to overcome obstacles and achieve success in your personal and professional lives.

You Already Are Everything You Want to Become.

— Zen saying.

Our MaArtial contributors include:

  • Paul Mracek, MaArtial coach, mentor, and trainer, Australia
  • Dave Kyriacou, Hydra’s Combat Academy, United Kingdom
  • Stewart McGill, Author & self-defense expert, United Kingdom
  • Jim McEvoy, Author & Sensei, Japanese Goju Ryu Karate, Normandy, France
  • John Burke, Sensei, Bunkai and Oyo Karate, United Kingdom
  • Rick Moneymaker, Professor & co-founder, Dragon Society International, USA
  • Tony Sommers, Martial coach and counsellor, United Kingdom
  • Phil Dalby, Anti-bully expert and star of the book Junior by Jason Allday, Cyprus
  • Jez Thorpe, jiu-jitsu expert and kyusho coach, former security industry, Cyprus
  • Nick Mason, Total Krav Maga, United Kingdom
  • Christopher Wallace, journalist and author, Strategic Intervention coach, Canada
  • Tony Dear, MaArtial coach, United Kingdom
  • Jason Pirodsky, MaArtial editor & journalist, New York – Miami, USA

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